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Privacy Policy

BAS Enterprises Ltd d/b/a Virginia Bicycling Adventures does the utmost to protect the privacy of any customer information it receives.

Built into this web site are security measures and software code and programs designed to guard against inappropriate access to Virginia Bicycling Adventures' data bases. Internal operating procedures are in place to allow access to customer information by Virginia Bicycling Adventures employees who are authorized and then only on a "need-to-know" basis.

Virginia Bicycling Adventures' booking process collects sensitive information about our customers, credit card data, and email addresses that are necessary to Virginia Bicycling Adventures booking your tour. This information is not released, sold or available to any other company, business, person or organization except that when a booking is made, lodging reservations necessitate providing the name of the traveler, time and date of arrival and departure and any dietary restrictions.

Email addresses are obtained for the purpose of exchanging information during the evaluation, booking, scheduling, confirmation and status updating stages of the process. They are also used for follow up questionnaires and subsequent email marketing and promotions unless the individual specifically requests that their email address not be used for these two purposes. To opt-out simply send an email request to

We also encourage customers to call us directly on any matter, question or concern as direct conversation is often the most efficient and effective way to resolve something, provide answers and dispel concerns.

Virginia Bicycling Adventures routinely collects statistical data about visits to its Web site, from where they originated and the course that a visitor takes through the site. This information does not reveal any information on identifying visitors. These statistics allow Virginia Bicycling Adventures to monitor visitor traffic, assess what information or pages are of interest and not of interest, assess the ease of use of the web site and how visitors found our site. This information and data is used internally only and never released in any fashion, form or manner outside Virginia Bicycling Adventures or its parent company, BAS Enterprises, Ltd.